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Home Flipping Interior Design Tips

When it comes to fix-and-flips, there are many elements to renovating a home. However, interior design is often an element that goes overlooked by many despite the fact that it can have a significant impact on appealing to buyers. This article outlines home flipping interior design tips for your next real estate project.

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The likely reason is that most home builders and flippers don’t see the value. Home flipping and interior design are not always the best match. Generally speaking, home flippers are looking to keep costs down, and interior design services, which can be pricey at times, are often viewed as something that doesn’t fit into the budget. But, is the home flipper’s agenda in line with what a future homeowner would desire?

Why (And When) To Use Interior Designers for Home Flipping Projects

What are the best situations to hire an interior designer for a home flip project? While it may not be a great idea for every project, there are certain cases in which interior designers can help greatly with increasing the physical appeal of your home.

Consider your location and a buyer’s expectations for that specific location and neighborhood. Would buyers prefer or expect to tour a home that is fully furnished? 

A home with an attractive interior design already in place helps increase the chances of someone buying a home. Decorating and staging a home can help sell a house faster. It can also help you sell the home for more money.

Know your ideal buyer – what would the buyer want to see in a staged home? This will help you design the home in terms of what they’d want to see.

Why not add a variety of affordable finishes to your inventory and cycle the products so you’re offering “on-trend” finishes for the same costs as your standardized versions?

Fix and Flip Interior Design Tips (From a Professional)

How can you use interior design for your current home flip project? We asked Heather Scott Home & Design and Etch Design Group and for tips on using interior design to improve the value of your home.

Heather Scott Home & Design

Home Flip Interior Design Tips from Heather Scott Home & Design

Timeless and Classic Selections

When flipping, fixing, or remodeling a home, you want to be sure that you are selecting choices that will stand the test of time. Avoid trendy updates and opt for a classic look. This tends to have so much more curb appeal.

Style of the Home

Your fixes and updates should serve to enhance the architectural style of the home, not compete with it. Educate yourself on the neighborhood your home is in and the style of home you are updating so the fixes and updates you make are well worth the investment. Also think of the total look of the home so that your updates feel cohesive and flow, versus feeling disjointed. 

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional designer can help guide you to make the most attractive and budget-appropriate options for your fix or flip. They can help save you time and money as they have the resources and expertise to guide you in the direction of best practices and cost-save options for your project. Their expertise and eye for design will make the flips and fixes you select for your time much more thoughtful and cohesive with your space.

Home flipping interior design
Home fix and flip interior design

Etch Design Group

Fix and Flip Interior Design Tips from Etch Design Group

Move Out

For those who are living in the home you’re fixing up, consider not living there if possible. Living in a renovation creates stress, anxiety and really strains relationships. Having a breather is a big blessing.

Communicate With Your Team

Collaborating with your team helps make the interior design of your fix and flip. Getting on the same page with the interior designer, architect, builder and the client will help the interior design efforts, to create a cohesive and well-thought-out design.

Consider Smart Technology

Smart technology isn’t going away anytime soon. From lighting and appliances to plumbing fixtures that integrate smart technology (like the touch faucet and digital controls for shower systems), they have gone from trendy to must-haves in the interior design process.  

Home fix and flip design ideas
Home fix and flip interior design for kitchens

Simple DIY Interior Design Ideas

To start, here are some interior design ideas to consider. A professional can help you choose the ideas that will help display the interior of a home. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Paint Color

Paint color can highlight the rooms, but choosing the right paint and color can be tricky. Once you have the right color, painting can be a relatively cheap way to improve the interior of a home.


Whether it’s natural lighting or light fixtures, the proper lighting can provide the illusions of having a bigger room. Be sure to take advantage of windows. 

Create an Open Floor Plan

You can open up space by creating an open floor plan. This will create longer lines of sight in the rooms of the home. Be sure with any furniture and installations that the floor plan remains open.

Add a Mirror

Once again, adding a mirror is another way to provide the illusion of opening up a room. Choose a mirror that is simple, but tasteful in design to hang on a wall.

Window Treatments

A home that is missing window treatments will look unfinished and cheap. Window treatments can be budget-friendly ways to improve the interior design of the home. Choose an option that is elegant to display in your home.

fix and flip interior design for home office

Great Interior Design Helps With Fix and Flips

Ready to get started with your interior design for your fix and flip project? We hope these tips help you improve your interior design for your real estate project. For more information on funding for fix and flips, EquityDoor is a real estate crowdfunding platform. Learn more about how real estate crowdfunding works, and whether it’s an option for your fix and flip project.

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