About Us

EquityDoor was founded by a small team with a big vision. We want to make investing in the income-based real estate market a reality for every potential investor.

Crowdfunding Real Estate Projects via https://www.equitydoor.com EquityDoor

Our management team and advisors have spent decades buying and selling real-estate and investment properties. At times, it has seemed just too difficult to clear all the hurdles of the traditional financing community.

The EquityDoor Social Platform and EquityDoor Crowdfunding Platform were purpose-built to change that. By providing leading-edge technology that connects project owners and investors, EquityDoor provides an alternative to traditional banks and financing.

By eliminating the traditional cost, complexity and reliance on big banks and real estate insiders, EquityDoor opens the door to build real estate equity for anyone with as little as $1,000 to invest. 

Meet the EquityDoor Leadership Team

Clint Anderson, CEO and Founder, is a 20 year veteran of both technology and real-estate investing. With a passion for emerging technologies and personal experience with property management, single and multi-family rentals, house flipping and real estate sales, Anderson brings a unique, hands-on perspective to EquityDoor.

“I’m excited to be leading the team that’s bringing a new path for real-estate investment to the everyday man and woman. Regulation Crowdfunding allows EquityDoor to connect mid-market project owners with interested investors who have been locked out of the real-estate market for far too long,” says Anderson.

Robert D. Girdley, Chief Experience Officer and Head of Sales, is a real estate professional with 20+ years experience in Texas residential and commercial real estate sales and leasing with specialties in commercial investment properties, residential multi-family and raw ranch land. Robert is a licensed real estate service provider in Texas and was licensed by TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission).

“For decades I’ve seen both investors and project owners who were looking to raise capital searching for alternatives to traditional banking and finance. With EquityDoor and Regulation Crowdfunding, the market now has new options that are going to provide real-estate investors with options that were never available in the past. It’s so rewarding to play even a small role in this incredible market transition,” says Girdley.

Karolyn Knaack, Head of Legal Counsel, is a business attorney who specializes in guiding small and medium sized businesses. Karolyn obtained her law degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1999.  After law school, Karolyn worked for two Law 100 firms, Locke Lord and Brobeck. Karolyn has an MBA from the University of Iowa and BS and MS from Iowa State University. Karolyn is originally from Iowa and moved to Texas in 1993. Karolyn enjoys living in Austin and spending time with her son, Sterling.

“EquityDoor, through Regulation Crowdfunding, provides opportunities for individuals to invest in real estate projects that they may have not had access to via more traditional investment methods.  EquityDoor also provides issuers an alternative method of accessing investment capital for real estate projects through Regulation Crowdfunding,” says Knaack.


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